Name: Tyra Grayson (Tae/TG/TGD)
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Age: 20
School: Full Sail University (Winter Park, FL-Online Campus)
Writer, Musician, Graphic Designer, Photographer 

When I was younger, starting in 4th grade, I was always the one to write, I wrote poems and short stories.
Up to this day, I still write poems and write my own music. Music feeds the soul, it replenishes you. However, Basketball was my first love way before music and art.
I fell in love with basketball in 4th grade, and played on an actual team my 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade year. I played basketball at Parkway Christian Academy, which closed in 2014 and become Cornerstone High School. After my junior year, I had to leave Cornerstone and I attended G.W. Carver High School my senior year. 
I practiced with the girls basketball team for a few weeks at the begining of the school year, they treated me well, the word got around quick that I was the new girl, and weeks after I suddenly quit.
Not because they were too tough or too fast, It was because I had been with the same team for years, and going to a private christian school all my life, into this huge, public school frightened me, it was a culture shock. I tried track and field there, a few months after. Didn't run in any competitions, just practiced.
It got me into shape, as well as learning how to run properly and suddenly, track didn't work out for me either, so I quit. Sports at Carver High obviously wasn't my thing, So I went on with the school year. I quit those things not only because I didn't see myself fit, but I was so caught up into music, it had taken over me, and I thought that was the better route to take.
I graduated Carver High that May of 2016 and focused more on my music and released my first single Frozen Ft. Candice Mark Feburary 6th, 2017. Once I finish school for graphic design, I plan on moving and going full force with graphics and making music as more of a hobby, because nobody can balance two major careers. During the summer of 2016, I asked my grandpa "Can you show me how to make t-shirts?" , and from that point on, I got into art. He's been doing graphic arts for years; t-shirt's, plaques, etc. 
He taught me how to make shirts and print them. I used a program called "Corel Draw x4" and I started playing with it and experiencing and I made over 4 shirts and printed them as well. I started researching about graphic design and I was wondering how do people make flyers, album covers and so on. So I downloaded Photoshop on Adobe Creative Cloud and remembered how I did this in my graphics class my senior year, learning about every tool, not knowing I'd come back to it ever again.
Up to this day, I am in love with art. I have always been creative, and I think art really brought that out more and made me think outside the box and go above and beyond, all thanks to my grandad, love you and rest in peace. I am also a Clique Artist in the Twenty One Pilots fandom. Clique Artists are fans who are artistic in way; drawing, digital art, poetry, etc and do those artisitc things to represent both of the guys, a song or themselves. Its a community, a family. and im blessed to be apart of an incredible fandom and movement. Here's to the Skeleton Clique.

 If you are interested in working, head over to the "Contact" tab. Can't wait to work with you!


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